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Below is contact info for local business development partners who are committed to the success of your small business. Get in touch for technical assistance, connecting with other businesses and resources, and much more!


GrowRaton also offers business support services to help develop our local and regional economies. Whether you are a business owner, entrepreneur, or new to the economic community, they have programs, workshops, and assistance tailored specifically to you. As a nonprofit organization, they provide the following services at no cost to the community:

Technical Assistance 

  • Help entrepreneurs navigate through their ideas and plans by providing training and resources to help them launch their businesses. In addition, help established business owners with expansion and growth by creating new marketing strategies and goals.​

Strategic & Business Planning

  • Facilitate strategic planning for businesses and non-profit organizations, developing concise and meaningful vision and mission statements, goals and action planning. Help individuals develop their business plans and work to implement those plans, as well as recruit and relocate businesses. For those seeking to exit from their lifelong business, offer support and direction through succession planning.

Forums & Group Discussions

  • Sponsor public forums on issues of concern to the community and facilitate small group discussions for specific groups of individuals.

Education & Training

  • Sponsor information technology and entrepreneurial training courses. Additionally, access to an online business resource to answer your questions and guide you when GrowRaton is not available.

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Kathy Harris: (575) 447-8987

Anita Valdez: (719) 845-7270


Trinidad SBDC

Colorado has seen many businesses lose momentum due to the changing environment here and around the world. The statistics say that two out of three businesses will not survive these shut downs and limited clientele in the United States. These are tough times and we all need to pull together to help keep our local and regional businesses alive.

It is this reason that the Chronicle-News Media Group has developed Project 360 in conjunction with SBDC of Southeast Colorado. Project 360 and SBDC partnered to help small business owners with innovation leadership required tog et your business back on target by reviewing your current situation and creating a go-to market strategy  that will aid in awareness and visibility of your business.

The Southeast Colorado SBDC and Project 360 offers business and marketing consulting and training that maximizes the economic potential of entrepreneurs in Southeastern Colorado. Our mission is to help existing and new businesses grow and prosper. Out goal is to help emerging and existing entrepreneurs gain control of their business operations. We provide free guidance and counseling in all aspects of funding and developing small business. We strive to help grow and start businesses. While we cannot eliminate risk, we work for minimize it by helping clients write comprehensive business plans, conduct financial forecasts, strategize marketing tactics, apply for funding, and improve operations. Let us help get your business back on target. 

Colorado SBDC

Initiate Prosperity


Developed by the Rural Community Assistance Corporation, Initiate Prosperity is a platform that breaks down successful small business development into Money, Marketing, and Management, and provides videos, calculators, guides, and templates to help small businesses understand, tackle, and grow through the steps of entrepreneurship.

Topics covered include:


  • Accounting Basics

  • Cash Flow

  • Financial Management

  • Financial Ratios

  • Personal Credit

  • Profitability

  • Taxes


  • Blogs

  • Branding

  • Digital Advertising

  • Email Marketing

  • Marketing Basics

  • Sales

  • Social Media

  • Website


  • Business Management

  • Business Planning

  • Cybersecurity

  • Hiring/Managing Employees

  • Industry Guides

  • Risk Management

  • Succession/Exit Strategies

  • Time Management

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The local coach for the Initiate platform is GrowRaton. Contact them here for more information or help with Initiate Prosperity.

Kathy Harris: (575) 447-8987

Anita Valdez: (719) 845-7270

Initate Prosperity
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