Alternative Funding Sources
  • Small Business Loan ($20,000 - $250,000+)

    • ​For entrepreneurs just getting started to established businesses looking to grow, we offer a wide range of term loan options that we customize based on your needs. Existing businesses revenue must not be greater than 30% less than 2019 monthly average revenue.

  • SBA Community Advantage ($35,000 - $250,000)

    • ​Financing with a guarantee from the U.S. Small Business Administration for new and existing businesses who would otherwise be ineligible for a term loan.

  • Commercial Real Estate Loan ($50,000 - $2,000,000)

    • ​For experienced entrepreneurs looking to purchase a location for their business, we offer owner-occupied commercial real estate business loans.

  • Re-Open Express ($1,000 - $10,000)

    • ​Provides quick access to capital to help your business retrofit and purchase supplies to become compliant with health and safety requirements for COVID-19.

  • Re-Start Recovery ($1,000 - $50,000)

    • ​Provides two months working capital based on 2019 average expenses. Available to small businesses that take appointments including doctors, dentists, hair, nails, car repair, etc. that are currently re-opened.




We’re a non-profit organization that helps minorities and women business owners with limited access to capital have a chance to live their dreams. We provide small business loans for startups and established businesses in Albuquerque and throughout New Mexico.

  • Small business loans up to $ 1million

  • Startup loans up to $50,000

  • Business and Financial Training



  • Small Business Loans (up to $500,000)

  • SBA Microloan Program (under $50,000)

    • Loans can be used for: working capital, inventory or supplies, furniture or fixtures, machinery or equipment​

    • Loans less than $10,000 carry interest rates of 8.7%, loans above $10,000 carry interest rates of 7.875%, all loans can have terms up to 6 years

    • The SBA Microloans Program allows businesses to take advantage of The Loan Fund's Technical Assistance Program at no cost to the client.

      • Pre-loan Technical Assistance:​

        • Work with The Loan Fund’s experienced loan officers and staff to identify the strengths and needs of your business.

        • Receive valuable recommendations specifically designed to meet your goals.

        • Position yourself to potentially receive financing for your business.

      • Post-loan technical assistance

        • Work with your loan officer to evaluate the progress of reaching your business goals.

        • Receive one-on-one business consultations and trainings in areas such as business development, marketing, accounting, and web development to help grow your business.

  • SBA 504 Loans

  • Nonprofit Loans

  • CreativeFund

    • The Loan Fund started CreativeFund to offer opportunities to help arts and cultural entrepreneurs launch or grow creative businesses in New Mexico. 

    • Sparked with a seed investment from the Kresge and Surdna Foundations,* CreativeFund provides free workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions specifically for creative entrepreneurs who want to learn strategies to make their businesses more successful.

    • In addition, start-up and expansion loans may be available at favorable terms for creative entrepreneurs who cannot or choose not to pursue conventional banking loans.



866-873-6746 (toll free

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Otero Partners, Inc. (OPI) is a partnership between Las Animas and Otero Counties. The corporation is designed to provide business loan funds to work with a bank or other lender to provide low interest loans to higher-risk, for-profit businesses in both counties. Because creating and training Jobs for low/moderate income workers are important goals for OPI, an employers may be required to create or retain one full-time position for every $20,000 borrowed.

Business Loan Funds may be used to start a new business, purchase an existing business, purchase real estate to be used in a business, purchase furniture, fixtures, equipment, and inventory, provide working capital for a new or existing business, and in some cases refinance existing debt.

Business Loan Funds may not be used for construction or remodeling, real estate development, payment of delinquent taxes, gambling operations, pyramid operations, or agricultural related businesses (except if it is a value-added business).


Danelle Berg, Business Loan Fund Administrator

(719) 241-4992


Grant and Business Support

San Isabel Electric Association’s (SIEA) Economic Development team supports businesses through local, state, and federal grant and low-interest loan procurement. Loan specialties include: energy, broadband, housing, and business expansion. SIEA also hosts datasets and business analyst tools that support business relocation and expansion needs.

SIEA’s Empower division works with both member and non-member residents and businesses to design for, or retrofit for, low cost power access and renewable generation. Businesses are encouraged to reach out to SIEA to learn about their resources.


Laura Getts, Business Development Manager


WESST Small Business Loans Include a Bonus: Support to

Help You Succeed

One of the obstacles most commonly reported by entrepreneurs — particularly first-time business owners — is the difficulty obtaining capital to start or expand a business. WESST helps to fill this gap by providing small business loans for women and other entrepreneurs who encounter this difficulty. As a microlender, we specialize in financing viable businesses that don’t meet the criteria of banks or other traditional lenders.

  • WESST Loan Fund Program

    • Loans to help facilitate either the start-up or growth of small businesses that are unable to obtain financing through traditional loan sources. View the Eligibility Requirements for a WESST loan.

  • Technology Toolkit Loan Program

    • Loans to purchase computer related software, computer devices and/or to cover the costs associated with setting up or enhancing a business website, low interest rate and accelerated application process. More information on Technology Toolkit loans.

  • Small Loan Program

    • Business loans of up to $500 for the purpose of building a positive credit history or to improve an existing score.

To start a loan inquiry process, fill out our Small Business Loan Inquiry. Also, review our Trainingsection which describes our course offerings and a calendar of classes offered at each WESST regional office. 


Bette Bradbury, Regional Manager

Roseanna Perea, Program Coordinator/Trainer