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Training for Hospitality Professionals

SkillSharp Hospitality delivers a huge library of online videos designed to help hospitality workers build their skills and income. The courses are FREE to Raton area restaurants and hotels.

Once an employee is signed up by their employer, the Center for Community Innovation will send login information and the learning can begin! Content is designed for smartphones, so employees don't need access to a computer. Course videos range from 2-5 minutes, providing quick lessons with immediate benefits.

Why is this Important?

We know your and your employees' time is valuable, and we are not going it to waste it with useless stuff.Here are two big reasons why this is worth your time:

  1. Grow income with bigger tips. Top notch service is often rewarded and these tools can help you grow your tips!

  2. Our community needs you! When you make visitors feel welcome, provide great service, and help them with their travel questions, they will remember our area as a wonderful place to visit. The pride in your work and your community can make a big difference.

See our full list of recommended courses here, or download the PDF.

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Earn Prizes & Recognition!

Get certified in multiple courses and you will be eligible to win gift certificates and discounts to local shops and restaurants. As a hospitality professional, you are the face of your community and have a big influence on how visitors feel about our town. We hope these courses are helpful in growing income and becoming a great ambassador for our communities!


  • How to interact with restaurant guests

  • How to serve food correctly

  • Table service etiquette

  • Properly handling restaurant tableware

  • Tips for properly handling glassware

  • How to clear a table

       ... Plus 8 more videos in this course 

Kate Edwards is a hospitality consultant with over 30 years of experience in the industry.

                          Her consulting company, Kate Edwards and Company, develops service and training programs and works with chefs, entrepreneurs to help them develop ideas and accomplish goals.

Kate is an educator at the Institute for Culinary Education, a contributing writer for The Huffington Post and Restaurant Hospitality Magazine, and a keynote speaker.

Her book, Hello! And Every Little Thing That Matters, is a must read for customer service professionals.

  • How to approach a table mid-conversation

  • How to sell the specials

  • How to answer tough customer questions

  • When (and when not) to approach tables

  • Dealing with rush hour

  • How to respond to a guest complaint

      ... Plus 9 more videos in this course 

Brooke Adey won Young Waiter of the Year at the Electrolux Appetite for 

Excellence Awards in 2015.

She has worded as a waiter at Sydney's Bentley's Bar & Restaurant and as a manger at Yellow, and acclaimed eatery in Sydney that is consistently praised for its service.

  • Discovering what service means to you

  • Pushing yourself as a server

  • Staying ahead as a restaurant server

  • Improving your knowledge as a server

  • Using teamwork in the restaurant

  • Taking pride in yourself as a server

       ... Plus 5 more videos in this course 

Jason James is a partner and general manger at Odd Duck, a farm-to-table restaurant in Austin, TX that supports local food suppliers. 

Jason looks after all aspects of service and is in charge of the restaurant's front of house team. In his approach to work, Jason brings Southern hospitality to all guests while fostering a nurturing culture of positive change and growth among his staff.

With no formal training, he build his career and honed his craft through hard work in many restaurants.

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