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The ecosystem, explained.

Why are we building an economic ecosystem for Raton and Trinidad? Small businesses and entrepreneurs are at the heart of a vibrant and growing local community. Without grassroots, homegrown business owners who are committed to the place and the people the live with, communities stagnate. We believe that by building up, providing resources to, and encouraging a growing entrepreneur community, the strategic advantages enjoyed by Trinidad and Raton can serve as the platform for the next stage in our communities’ growth. This is a community built of people committed to the health, vibrancy, and future of Raton and Trinidad. Together we can share the knowledge, tools, and strengths right here to create a community that fosters innovation and charts a new path forward.

How to use this site:

Our ecosystem platform is built on three pillars: entrepreneurs, workforce training, and developers. These pillars cover the essential areas for the community's growth, providing tools for home-grown startups and innovative new businesses, the ability for workers to access affordable, flexible skills training, and making information accessible for developers and those who want to join our community. Our resources include:


  • Local Business-to-Business Directory

  • Knowledge Base

    • Webinars​

    • Classes & Workshops

    • Videos

    • Podcasts

    • Business Templates

    • Blogs

  • Business Development Support

  • Funding Opportunities

  • Regional Networking


  • Development Partners

  • Commercial Property Listing

  • Economic Development Incentives

  • Local Licensing and Permits

  • CO & NM Brownfield Redevelopment

  • Local Businesses for Sale

  • Local RFP and RFB Announcements

  • Local Government Contacts

  • Economic Development Plans and Data Hub

Workforce Training:

  • Over 5,000 courses designed for online or cell-phone based learning.

  • Content covering Customer Service, Office Productivity, Marketing, Sales, Workplace & Human Resources, Management Skills, Finance & Accounting, IT & Development, Design Software, Web Design, Spanish on the Go for Managers, and much more!

  • Content for new workers entering the workforce covering financial literacy, communication in the workplace, building a resume, interviewing, and more.

  • Classes specifically designed for front-line workers in restaurants in and hotels to improve skills interacting with customers, delivering excellent service, and more.

Further reading on ecosystems:

Follow these links to learn more about how ecosystems are developed, used and additional benefits to the approach to entrepreneurial and economic development.


7 Key Principles

These principles, developed by the Kauffman Foundation, contribute to a cohesive, vibrant community of small businesses and entrepreneurs (read more here):

Let entrepreneurs be leaders, design solutions that are entrepreneur-centric - the ecosystem is built by and for you, not for its institutions or investors. Entrepreneurs should be the inspiration for initiatives, the most active participants in plans, and the ultimate benifeciaries of programs.

Put Entrepreneurs Front and Center

The primary focus of an entrepreneurial ecosystem is to move knowledge and resources from the people who have it to the entrepreneurs who need it. Create interactions among peers and bias conversations toward action.

Foster Conversations

Everyone is invited - be radically inclusive and enhance diverse connections. It's not about titles or hierarchies, it's about where people are going, rather than where they're coming from. Diversity takes intentional work, but the more collaboration that occurs between ecosystem players, the more entrepreneurs will benefit.

Enlist Collaborators

Walk the walk and change values by changing behavior - ecosystems don't lead by decree. They lead by convening, empowering others, being connectors, and mentoring and inspiring. Because they are visible, ecosystem members can have an outsized impact in the community!

Live the Values

Bridge social boundaries, build communities of trust, and build social feedback looks. A successful ecosystem must seek opportunities for different groups to come together, learn each others' stories, and work together. Creating stronger communities accelerates the flow of information, enhancing the mechanisms for social feedback - ideas flow faster and people are more accountable to each other.

Connect People

Create stories out of strength, build channels to share those stories, and elevate role models. Our community is unique, having pride in our cultural strength and awareness of our limitations can be used to chart a vibrant future. We have many success stories in Raton and Trinidad, the ecosystem can elevate and highlight these stories for others.

Tell An Authentic Story

Members of an ecosystem need to take a long-term view of change.The process of ecosystem building is emergent, not linear. It is perpetual, so it never truly ends - it's a marathon, not a sprint! Don't count success only by statistics in traditional economic reports and political cycles. The real change should be happening well before those statistics ever show it!

Start, Be Patient


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