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The Center for Community Innovation, in partnership with the City of Raton and Colfax County, is excited to offer a comprehensive online suite of training programs to the local business community. From entry-level employees to managers, our extensive catalog of courses offers an extremely low-cost, flexible platform to upskill our community’s workforce.

Addressing the need for a local qualified workforce, the program offers on-demand credentialing to current employees and a workforce readiness suite for applicants and those entering the workforce.

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Over 1,500 Courses covering:

  • Customer Service

  • Office Productivity

  • Marketing

  • Sales

  • Workplace & Human Resources

  • Finance & Accounting

  • IT & Development

  • Design Software

  • Web Design

  • Spanish on the Go for Managers

These self-paced video courses range from 5 minutes to 5 hours, are supplemented with articles, downloadable resources, and provide a Certificate of Completion.

No Cost!

Access for your employees comes at no cost to you..​


Online, timing that fits your employees' schedules


Users have the access to complete multiple

courses - as many as you'd like!

How It Works:

  1. Identify the tracks or select an a la carte combination of courses that best address the skill development your employees need.

  2. CCI’s Workforce Development Coordinator registers your employees on the online platform.

  3. Your employees begin learning at the pace and times that work for them. CCI provides data analytics and progress reporting to you throughout the process.

These courses are designed to give your employees the advanced skills they need and empower them to work more effectively. Accessible to all levels of our community’s workforce, our goal is to enable our entrepreneurs, small businesses, and hospitality industry to take advantage of these new online upskilling platforms that meet people where they are and respond to the expressed needs of our business community.


Our catalog is filled with a wide array of training options, and the Center’s Workforce Development Coordinator can work with you to find the courses or tailor specific content into custom tracks that best fit your needs.


Examples of our preset course tracks, and a selection of our most popular courses are listed on the Learning Pathways and Courses pages.

For more information or any questions:

Center for Community Innovation

130 Park Ave.
Raton, NM 87740

Danielle Vanderpool

(575) 224-1602

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